Easter Hat Pins March 26, 2016 19:24

A list of Easter themed hat pins and where to purchase them. Can anyone tell us why Stitch is such a huge Easter favorite?

Easter Stitch Pin
Easter Stitch 3

We weren't able to find a purchase link for this guy, but still wanted to share this awesome Easter pin.

Yoshi Egg Pin
Yoshi Hat Pin

We love this yoshi egg pin from Zupovitz Design Co.  You can pick up your Yoshi egg here.

Cannabunny Pin
Cannabunny Hat Pin

Made by PhatPinz and OrfinArt, these cannabunny pins are 1.5" and have a gem in the eye. 

Click here to purchase this pin.

Blue Lotus Pin
Blue Lotus Hat Pin

The Blue Lotus pin is 1.5", hard enamel, and double posted with metal clutches. 

Click here to purchase this pin.

Vintage Silver Rabbit Pins
Vintage Rabbit Pins

We really liked these small, single post rabbit pins, available for purchase here.

Easter Stitch Pin 2
Easter Stitch 1

More Stitch! This Disney-produced hat pin can be purchased here.

Easter Stitch Pin 3
Easter Stitch 2

This Easter Stitch pin can be purchased here. If you're really into Stitch, there are way more Easter Stitch pins out there.

Do you know of other Easter pins? Add yours in the comments!