Repairing Damaged Hat Pins November 29, 2016 15:32

We’ve all been there. After a season of hot, sunny, humid environments, your new pin is suddenly looking not so new.  The most common issues that arise with hat pins are water damage, scratches, and broken or bent pin posts--but fear not! We’re here to help you decide on the best method of repairing your damaged pin.

Water Damage and Tarnishing

This is the most common and easiest to fix type of damage to hat/lapel pins. It usually occurs as an off-color spot on the enamel of the pin, or a blue-green patch of roughly textured metal. The cause of this type of damage to enamel pins is the humid environment that the pins often endure in the form of hot summer festivals and damp indoor raves.

To fix this type of damage, all you need is some diluted white vinegar, available at any grocery store. Make sure the vinegar you use is either pre-diluted, or dilute it yourself if it’s concentrated. Soapy water can also work for minor jobs.

For light damage, you can apply the vinegar to a paper towel or a soft cloth, and rub the tarnished areas in circular motions for a few minutes.

If that doesn’t work, or if your pin is more heavily damaged, try soaking the pin in vinegar for as long as possible, then try the above method to polish the damaged areas.


We'll be updating this blog soon with methods to repair scratched pins and broken pin posts.