The Best Enamel Pins for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend April 03, 2017 17:07

Here we are. Rapidly approaching a holiday, birthday, or other modern mandated gift-exchange, and what do you have to show for it? Not enough, it seems, if you're here. 

Fear not! We have a few perfect pins to help save your situation, and they all ship the same or next-day for maximum relationship points.



 Lotus Flowers
Lotus Flower Enamel Pins

Ah, flowers. A classic. Step up your gift giving game this year with flowers that will never fade. These are available in black, blue, pink, and gold. Available as singles or a discounted 4 pin set.

Get these Lotus Flower pins here.

Cutie Pie Enamel Pin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a pin must be worth at least that. Or not... we don't know your partner like you do (we promise). 

These Cutie Pie pins are available in two colors, both of which have an appropriate amount of glitter to really drive home how much you care about her. 

Pick up your pies here.


What's that, you say? You're shopping for a man? Worry not, because we have the perfect gift for your burly bearded badass. Or, if your man is lacking a facial carpet, think of these pins as a wearable beard that may help you console them (no promises). 

Get these Dexter's Lab Beard Power pins here.