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Free Pin Friday June 14, 2017 17:27

We've started a new holiday for ourselves and pinheads everywhere--Free Pin Friday!

Every Friday morning we post a new enamel pin to our Instagram page, where you have a chance to win it just by commenting. Prizes can vary from a single pin to an entire matching set of pins. We've also begun posting spontaneous giveaways mid-week, where you pick your favorite pin from a board, and someone in the comments will win their choice of pins. 

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The Best Enamel Pins for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend April 3, 2017 17:07

Here we are. Rapidly approaching a holiday, birthday, or other modern mandated gift-exchange, and what do you have to show for it? Not enough, it seems, if you're here. 

Fear not! We have a few perfect pins to help save your situation, and they all ship the same or next-day for maximum relationship points.



 Lotus Flowers
Lotus Flower Enamel Pins

Ah, flowers. A classic. Step up your gift giving game this year with flowers that will never fade. These are available in black, blue, pink, and gold. Available as singles or a discounted 4 pin set.

Get these Lotus Flower pins here.

Cutie Pie Enamel Pin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a pin must be worth at least that. Or not... we don't know your partner like you do (we promise). 

These Cutie Pie pins are available in two colors, both of which have an appropriate amount of glitter to really drive home how much you care about her. 

Pick up your pies here.


What's that, you say? You're shopping for a man? Worry not, because we have the perfect gift for your burly bearded badass. Or, if your man is lacking a facial carpet, think of these pins as a wearable beard that may help you console them (no promises). 

Get these Dexter's Lab Beard Power pins here.

Different Types of Enamel Pin Backings March 9, 2017 17:02 1 Comment

The three most common backings, also called "clutches," for enamel pins are rubber, metal/butterfly, and locking backs. In this article we explain the primary differences between them. If you're looking for some pin backs, you can check out our current selection here.

Butterfly, Military, or Metal Pin Backings

These are by far the most common type of pin backing, and have various names. We've seen them called butterfly backs, military backs, or just metal backs. These backings are generally secure, but can become looser as time goes on, so be sure to keep an eye on them and exchange your old backings for new ones if needed. 

Butterfly pin backings are generally available in either gold or silver. 

Rubber Pin Backings

Because of their comfortable texture, rubber pin backs are the most common backings for hat pins and pins that will be worn against the skin. Butterfly pin backs tend to poke the wearer, but rubber backs can hardly be felt. These backings are generally secure, but will stretch over time as they're removed and put back onto pins, so it's a good idea to exchange them for new ones if you notice they're pulling off of your pins too easily. 
Rubber pin backings are available in black, green, blue, pink, and orange.

Locking Pin Backs, a.k.a. 'Pinsurance'

Golden Locking Pin Backs

Locking pin backings, also referred to as 'button' backs, offer the best of both butterfly and rubber backs. They're made of strong metal that won't loosen over time, so these are the best form of 'pinsurance' you can buy for your most expensive and favorite pins. Locking pin backs are also very comfortable because of their smooth design, so these won't poke you like butterfly backs will.

The only downsides to these backs is that sometimes they're too difficult to get off! If you find yourself struggling to remove locking pin backs, use your shirt or a thin cloth to shield your fingers, squeeze hard, and twist the backings while you pull hard on them. If they're still not budging, check to make sure that the top disc isn't pulled out. If it is, just push down on the backing to reattach it. 

Repairing Damaged Hat Pins November 29, 2016 15:32

We’ve all been there. After a season of hot, sunny, humid environments, your new pin is suddenly looking not so new.  The most common issues that arise with hat pins are water damage, scratches, and broken or bent pin posts--but fear not! We’re here to help you decide on the best method of repairing your damaged pin.

Water Damage and Tarnishing

This is the most common and easiest to fix type of damage to hat/lapel pins. It usually occurs as an off-color spot on the enamel of the pin, or a blue-green patch of roughly textured metal. The cause of this type of damage to enamel pins is the humid environment that the pins often endure in the form of hot summer festivals and damp indoor raves.

To fix this type of damage, all you need is some diluted white vinegar, available at any grocery store. Make sure the vinegar you use is either pre-diluted, or dilute it yourself if it’s concentrated. Soapy water can also work for minor jobs.

For light damage, you can apply the vinegar to a paper towel or a soft cloth, and rub the tarnished areas in circular motions for a few minutes.

If that doesn’t work, or if your pin is more heavily damaged, try soaking the pin in vinegar for as long as possible, then try the above method to polish the damaged areas.


We'll be updating this blog soon with methods to repair scratched pins and broken pin posts.

Weekly Pin Plug August 24, 2016 15:06

It's time for another Pin Plug Post! Each week we pick a few of our favorite enamel pins from Instagram and share them with you.


Get this pin here.




Battle Born Pins


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Our Favorite Grateful Dead Hat Pins April 7, 2016 13:48

Wooden Mother of Pearl Stealie

Tyler Epe's Sacred Geometry Stealie
Grateful Dead Hat Pins

This sold out Grateful Dead pin was designed by Tyler Epe. It measures .75 inches, and features a sacred geometry stealie made from antique silver 3D molding. 

Steal Your Face - Kool-Aid
Steal Your Face Koolaid

This is a classic hat pin from 2013 or earlier. It features the Kool-Aid man with a stealie and an LSD molecule floating in his pitcher. There is a 13-point lightning bolt in the smaller pitcher. Hard enamel, double posted. This pin is available here in four different colors.

Aiko Aiko by Mongo Arts

This mardi gras styled pin is double posted and made with hard enamel. Available for purchase here.

"Wings Spread Bright" by Mongo Arts
Grateful Dead Hat Pin

Another Grateful Dead pin by Mongo Arts, this pin featured 3D polished silver. It measures 1.75" across, and sold out on 3/25/16.

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Easter Hat Pins March 26, 2016 19:24

A list of Easter themed hat pins and where to purchase them. Can anyone tell us why Stitch is such a huge Easter favorite?

Easter Stitch Pin
Easter Stitch 3

We weren't able to find a purchase link for this guy, but still wanted to share this awesome Easter pin.

Yoshi Egg Pin
Yoshi Hat Pin

We love this yoshi egg pin from Zupovitz Design Co.  You can pick up your Yoshi egg here.

Cannabunny Pin
Cannabunny Hat Pin

Made by PhatPinz and OrfinArt, these cannabunny pins are 1.5" and have a gem in the eye. 

Click here to purchase this pin.

Blue Lotus Pin
Blue Lotus Hat Pin

The Blue Lotus pin is 1.5", hard enamel, and double posted with metal clutches. 

Click here to purchase this pin.

Vintage Silver Rabbit Pins
Vintage Rabbit Pins

We really liked these small, single post rabbit pins, available for purchase here.

Easter Stitch Pin 2
Easter Stitch 1

More Stitch! This Disney-produced hat pin can be purchased here.

Easter Stitch Pin 3
Easter Stitch 2

This Easter Stitch pin can be purchased here. If you're really into Stitch, there are way more Easter Stitch pins out there.

Do you know of other Easter pins? Add yours in the comments!

East Coast Music Festivals - Summer 2016 March 15, 2016 13:13

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We put together this list of music festivals to help you plan out your summer. All festivals are listed in chronological order. You can use CTRL+F to search for states, months, and specific festivals!

Note: This list is constantly updated with new festivals. Don't be alarmed if you notice one missing, just let us know in the comments and we'll add it asap! :)

If you operate one of the listed festivals and would like to add more information, shoot us an email at Matt@Kolorspun.com. 

Lava Music Festival | May 27-28 | Virginia
Lave Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: Minus the Bear, The Front Bottoms, Dan Deacon, No BS! Brass Band, and Major and the Monbacks. 

When: May 27-28
Where: Suffolk, VA

Click here to view the official event page.

Darkstar Jubilee | May 27-29 | Ohio
Darkstar Jubilee

Lineup Highlights: Dark Star Orchestra x3, Yonder Mountain String Band, Leftover Salmon, and more.

When: May 27-29
Where: Thornville, OH

Click here to view the official event page.

Strange Creek Music Festival | May 27-30 | Massachusetts
Strange Creek

Lineup Highlights: Max Creek, Zach Deputy x3, Ryan Montbleau Band x2, The Machine, and more.

When: May 27-30
Where: Greenfield, MA

Click here to view the official event page.

Sunset Music Festival | May 28-29 | Florida
Sunset Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: JackU, Hardwell, Borgore

When: May 28-29
Where: Tampa, FL

Click here to view the official event page.

Mountain Jam | June 2-5 | New York
Mountain Jam

Lineup Highlights: Beck, Wilco, Government Mule, Umphrey's McGee, Thievery Corporation, and more!

When: June 2-5 | Hunter Mountain, NY

Click here to view the official event page.

Mountain Music Festival | June 3-4 | West Virginia
Mountain Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: Lotus, Trampled by Turtles, Galactic, The Infamous Stringdusters, Big Something, and more. 

When: June 3-4
Where: New River Gorge, WV

Click here to view the official event page. 

Governor's Ball | June 3-5 | New York
Governor's Ball

Lineup Highlights: Purity Ring, The Strokes, Beck, Block Party, and more.

When: June 3-5
Where: NYC, New York

Click here to view the official event page.

Bunbury Music Festival | June 3-5 | Cincinnati, OHBunbury

Lineup Highlights: The Killers, Florence, The Machine, Mudcrutch, Grimes, Umphrey's McGee, and more.

When: June 3-5
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Click here to view the official event page.

Disc Jam | June 9-12 | New York

When: June 9-12
Where: Stephentown, NY

Lineup Highlights: Dopapod x2, TAUK, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Consider the Source, and more.

This is the 6th annual Disc Jam.

Click here to view the official event page.

Bonnaroo | June 9-12 | Tennessee

When: June 9-12
Where: Manchester, TN

Lineup Highlights: Pearl Jam, Dead & Company, LCD Soundsystem, Death Cab for Cutie, Tyler the Creator, and many more.

Click here to view the official event page.

Tinner Hill Blues Festival | June 10-12 | Virginia
Tinner Hill Music Festival

When: June 10-12
Where: Falls Church, VA

Click here to view the official event page.

Solstice | June 10-12 | North Carolina
Solstice Festival

When: June 10-12
Where: Asheville, NC

Click here to view the official event page.

Mysteryland | June 10-13 | New York

Lineup Highlights: Odesza, Skrillex, Bassnectar

When: June 10-13
Where: Bethel Woods, NY

Click here to view the official event page.

Mad Tea Party Jam | June 16-19 | Pennsylvania
Mad Tea Party Jam

Lineup Highlights: Papadosio x2, Twiddle x2, TAUK x2, Big Something x3, Consider the Source, and more.

When: June 16-19
Where: Artemas, PA

Click here to view the official event page.

Firefly | June 16-19 | Delaware

Lineup Highlights: Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, Dead Mau5, Blink 182, Death Cab for Cutie, and many more.

When: June 16-19
Where: Dover, DE

Click here to view the official event page.

Purple Hatters Ball | June 17-19 | Florida
Purple Hatters Ball

Lineup Highlights: Papadosio, The Floozies, The Polish Ambassador, The Mantras, and more!

When: June 17-19
Where: Suwannee Park, Live Oak, FL

Click here to view the official event page.

Merryland Music Festival | July 9-10 | Maryland
Merryland Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: String Cheese Incident x2, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Lotus, Yonder Mountain String Band, and more. 

When: July 9-10
Where: Columbia, MD

Just announced by the same people who brought you All Good! "Merryland is partnering with Believe in Music, a Baltimore-based non-profit started by Kenny Liner from The Bridge, focused on helping promote self-expression and community awareness through music education in underprivileged communities. According to organizers, the Merryland experience features an expanded footprint including a second stage, an interactive space within Symphony Woods (a 40 acre wooded preserve), unique local artisans, philanthropic groups and crowd performers."

Click here to view the official event page.

Camp Bisco | July 14-16 | Pennsylvania
Camp Bisco

Lineup Highlights: The Disco Biscuits, Odesza, Lotus, STS 9, Zeds Dead, Griz, and more

When: July 14-16
Where: Scranton, PA.

Click here to view the official event page. 

Transformus | July 14-18 | North Carolina
Transformus Festival

When: July 14-18
Where: Asheville, NC

"Transformus is a regional Burning Man art festival hosted on private land within the boundaries of Pisgah National Forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains."

Click here to view the official event page.

Pasture Palooza | July 14-16 | Virginia
Pasture Palooza

When: July 14-16
Where: Berryville, VA

Lineup Highlights: Toubab Krewe, BIG Something, The Mantras (Talking Dead Set), The Congress, The Southern Belles, Dale & the ZDubs, Reckless Island, LITZ, Matt Jones and the Bobs, and many more.

Click here to view the official event page.

Doah Fest | July 15-18 | Virginia
Doah Fest

Lineup Highlights: People's Blues of Richmond, Toxic Moxie, Definition of One, and more.

When: July 15-18
Where: Luray, VA

Click here to view the official event page.

The Big What | July 21-23 | North CarolinaThe Big What Festival

Lineup Highlights: Big Something, The Werks, Zach Deputy, and more.

When: July 21-23
Where: Mebane, NC

Click here to view the official event page.

Panorama | July 22-24 | New York
Panorama Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: Run the Jewels, Sufjan Stevens, Kendrick Lamar, Arcade Fire and more!

When: July 22-24
Where: Randall's Island Park, NYC, NY

Click here to view the official event page.

Hydrotechnics | July 22-24 | New York
Hydrotechnics Festival

Lineup Highlights: Bad Boy, Bill, DJ Dan, Christopher Lawrence, Dave the Drummer, Aphrodite, John B, DJ Icey, Delta 9, Luna C, DJ Assault, DJ Dara and many more!

When: July 22-24
Where: Afton, NY

"Two nights of extensive fire performances by our professional troop as well as open forums and professionally hosted areas where experienced festival attendees may share their performances as well! Lakeside music and camping, main stage music playing all night, flow workshops, field day games and much more!

Click here to view the official event page.

ROMP | June 22-25 | Kentucky


Lineup Highlights: Old Crow Medicine Show, Del McCoury Band, Sam Bush Band, Infamous Stringdusters, and more.

When: June 22-25
Where: Owensboro, KY

Click here to view the official event page.

Cross Pollination | June 24-26 | New York
Cross Polination

Lineup Highlights: DJ Soul Slinger, Koxbox, Liondub, Mubali, Pish Posh, Om Olak and more.

When: June 24-26
Where: Afton, NY

Click here to view the official event page.

Big Dub | July 26-31 | Pennsylvania
Big Dub Festival

Lineup Highlights: TBD

When: July 26-31
Where: Artemas, PA

Click here to view the official event page.

Floydfest | July 27-31 | Virginia
Floyd Fest

When: July 27-31
Where: Floyd, VA

Lineup Highlights: Gregg Allman, Leftover Salmon, Railroad Earth, and more.

"FloydFest is a world music and arts festival held annually near Floyd, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains just off the Blue Ridge Parkway"

Click here to view the official event page.

Rootwire | July 28-31 | Ohio
Rootwire Music Festival

When: July 28-31
Where: Athens, OH

Lineup Highlights: EOTO, Random Rab, Deltanine, and more.

"Rootwire intends to supercharge every joy, dance, love, laugh, spin, hug, and think molecule in your body and beyond. Rootwire is about tapping in, about getting deep, about planting roots in things that matter, about blooming and branching out to connect and flow in the spirit of love."

Click here to view the official event page.

Wild Woods Festival | July 29-31 | New Hampshire
Wild Woods

When: July 29-31
Where: Croydon, NH

"Our Mission at Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival is to create a positive community centered around music and the arts. The music is certainly the main event at this festival, but we also hope to bring out the other aspects of this wonderful culture that make some festivals so special. This includes all things from the visual arts to the food we provide. We cant wait to see you all there this summer!"

Click here to view the official event page.

Osheaga | July 29-31 | Canada

Lineup Highlights: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Grimes, Silversun Pickups, and many more.

When: July 29-31
Where: Montreal, Canada

Click here to view the official event page.


The Werk Out | August 4-6 | Ohio
The Werk Out Festival

When: August 4-6
Where: Thornville, OH

Lineup Highlights: The Werks x3, STS9 x2, Lettuce, Dopapod, Twiddle, The Motet, Zoogma, and more.

Click here to view the official event page.

Moonrise | August 6-7 | Maryland
Moonrise Festival

When: August 6-7
Where: Baltimore, MD

Lineup Highlights: TBD

Click here to view the official event page.

Peach Festival | August 11-14 | Pennsylvania
Peach Festival

Lineup Highlights: Trey Anastasio Band, Gregg Allman, String Cheese Incident, Umphrey's McGee, moe. x2, and more.

When: August 11-14
Where: Scranton, PA

Click here to view the official event page.

Fantasyland | August 12-14 | Pennsylvania

Lineup Highlights: TBA

When: August 12-14
Where: Pittsburgh, PA

The first Hard Dance festival in the US, in it's fourth year and growing fast!

Click here to view the official event page.

Camp Barefoot | August 18-20 | West Virginia
Camp Barefoot

Lineup Highlights: Ghostland Observatory, The New Deal x2, Keller Williams x2, Dopapod, Big Something x2, TAUK, and more.

When: August 18-20
Where: Elkins, WV

Click here to view the official event page.

Revolt Festival | August 19-21 | Maine
REVOLT! Festival

Lineup Highlights: Dieselboy, Deekline, Charles Feelgood, Venom, and more.

When: August 19-21
Where: Carthage, ME

Click here to view the official event page.


Imagine | August 26-28 | Georgia
Imagine Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: TBD

When: August 26-28
Where: Atlanta, GA

Click here to view the official event page.

Mazzstock | Aug 26-28 | New York

Lineup Highlights: Zach Deputy, Spiritual Rez, Three, Gratefully Yours, and more.

When: August 26-28
Where: Marlboro, NY

Click here to view the official event page.

Lockn | September 8-11 | Virginia

Lineup Highlights: Phish, Ween, My Morning Jacket, Galactic, and more.

When: September 8-11
Where: Arrington, VA

Click here to view the official event page.

Deep Roots Mountain Revival | Sept. 15-18 | West Virginia
Deep Roots Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: TBD

When: September 15-18
Where: Masontown, WV

Hosted at Marvin's Mountaintop, the original location of All Good!

Click here to view the official event page.

Pink Moon Festival | Sep 15-19 | West Virginia
Pink Moon Festival

Lineup Highlights: Deaf Scene, Galaxy Dynamite, Toxic Moxie, and more!

When: September 15-19
Where: Rock Camp, WV

"Focus on freedom, community, and love, Pink Moon boasts 24 hour-a-day music for 4 days and nights (from over 80 acts on at least 4 stages with NO overlapping sets!" 

Click here to view the official event page.

Wormtown Music Festival | Sept. 16-18 | Massachusetts

Lineup Highlights: Mac Creek, Zach Deputy, Pink Talking Fish, and more!

When: Sept. 16-18
Where: Greenfield, MA

Click here to view the official event page. 

Resonance | Sept. 22-24 | Ohio 

Lineup Highlights: Papadosio x3, Shpongle, Emancipator, Wookiefoot x2, Ott, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, and more. 

When: September 22-24
Where: Thornville, OH

Click here to view the official event page.

Catskill Chill | Sept. 23-25 | Pennsylvania
Catskill Chill

When: September 23-25
Where: Lakewood, PA

Click here to view the official event page.

Luna Light Festival | Oct 13-16 | MarylandLuna Light Music Festival

Lineup Highlights: Papadosio, Michael Menert, Keller & The Keels, Dopapod, Ott., Zoogma, TAUK, Particle, and more!

When: October 13-16
Where: Darlington, MD

Click here to view the official event page.

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Spring 2016 Raves and Shows in the DMV March 11, 2016 16:39

Looking for raves and shows in the DMV area? So were we! So we put together a list and shared it with you. All events are in 2016 and are listed in chronological order.

Slamrocked 2016 | March 19 | Baltimore

When: March 19
Where: Baltimore, MD at Bambou Venue
Who: Subsdance

This is the third show in the Slamrocked series, which, as you may have guessed, is a St. Patty's Day throwdown. Genres include drum and bass, dubstep, hardstyle, house, glitch hop, and trap. The show features 3 stages of music, 3D projections, and international headliners.

Click here to view the official event page.

Blockhead & Eliot Lipp | March 23 | DC
Blockhead and Eliot Lipp

When: March 23
Where: Washington, D.C. at U Street Music Hall
Who: Big Dub Festival (Badass Raves)

Blockhead is an American hip hop producer based in Manhattan, NY. Aside from his solo projects, he's well-known as an early producer for Aesop Rock. 

See the official event page here.

 of Montreal | March 24 | RVAof Montreal at The Broadberry

When: March 24
Where: Richmond, VA at The Broadberry
Who: LAVA Music Festival

LAVA is bringing one of their many great headliners, indie band of Montreal, to The Broadberry ahead of LAVA Music Festival. Pillar Point will also be opening.

Click here to view the official event page.

Herobust | March 31 | RVA
Herobust at The Broadberry

When: March 31
Where: Richmond, VA at The Broadberry
Who: Steez Promo

"Herobust, otherwise known as Hayden Kramer, is an electronic producer from Atlanta, Georgia. In the short, three year existence of heRobust, Kramer’s hip-hop inspired bass music has been written about by publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, Vice, and MTV, while also being played by artists such as Tiesto, Skrillex, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and DJ Shadow. If you want more, go check him out on soundcloud."

Click here to view the official event page.

TRANSCEND | April 2 | Baltimore, MD
TRANSCEND at Bambou Venue

When: April 2
Where: Baltimore, MD at Bambou Venue

"4 years ago Mushmouth and Slow Kids hosted an unforgettable event in a Baltimore warehouse. This April 2nd we bring together six of the Baltimore area's biggest promotions teams to produce the next installment of TRANSCEND with 3 rooms of music."

Click here for the official event page.

Datsik | April 9 | RVA
Datsik at The National

When: April 9
Where: Richmond, VA at The National

"Fresh off the release of his latest single “Smoke Bomb,” a collaboration with ganja-king Snoop Dogg himself, DATSIK announces plans for a PK Sound bass-filled Spring with fans, as he takes his highly-anticipated SPRING LOADED TOUR across North America.  Joining DATSIK on his ‘Spring Loaded Tour’ will be OOKAY and up-and-comer DREZO."

Click here for the official event page.

Big Gigantic | April 14 | RVA
Big Gigantic at The National

When: April 14
Where: Richmond, VA at The National

"Big Gigantic is an instrumental livetronica, hip-hop and jazz musical group based out of Boulder, Colorado. They combine electronic beats with live saxophone and drums instrumentation."

Click here for the official event page.

Turkuaz | April 15 | RVA
Turkuaz at The Broadberry

When: April 15
Where: Richmond, VA at The Broadberry

"A universally appealing dance band at its core, Turkuaz’s tightly arranged songs are built on thick grooves, driven by a powerhouse rhythm section and interlaced with swirling guitar lines and synthy keyboard riffs. Over the top, lyrical jabs and swells that serve as both subject matter and rhythmic reinforcement are delivered by four distinct vocalists, framed by horn lines and punctuated with left hooks and right angles. Whereas there are certainly talented improvisers in this extremely musical band, Turkuaz engages bodies and minds with its densely layered compositions, setting the stage for the soaring exploratory guitar and horn solos with no room for noodling. This is perfect for those who want to dance."

Click here for the official event page.

Keys 'n' Krates | April 21 | Baltimore, MD

When: April 21
Where: Baltimore, MD at Baltimore Soundstage

Click here to get tickets for Keys 'n' Krates.

Emancipator | April 23 | Baltimore, MD

When: April 23
Where: Baltimore, MD at Baltimore Soundstage

Also playing: DELTAnine and Operation Dankstar

Click here to view the official event page.

Neckbreaker Tour | April 29 | RVA
The Neckbreaker Tour at Canal Club

When: April 29
Where: Richmond, VA at Canal Club
Who: Badass Raves

Click here for the official event page.

STRFKR | May 14 | RVA
Starfucker at The National

When: May 14
Where: Richmond, VA at The National

Starfucker is an indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. Their genres include indie pop, electronica, synthpop, and neo-psychadelia. We highly recommend this show.

Click here for the official event page.

Downlink & Dieselboy | May 14 | VA Beach
Downlink and Dieselboy

When: May 14
Where: VA Beach at Peabody's
Who: Steez Promo and Bass Nation

Click here for the official event page.

VA Beach Funk Out | May 21 | VA Beach
VA Beach Funk Out

When: May 21
Where: Virginia Beach at Shaka's
Who: Stanlee Ventures, Heady Entertainment, and Shaka's

"An all-day outdoor event on May 21st, 2016, at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in the parking lot of Shaka's to raise funds and build awareness for (HOPE) n MUSIC. (HOPE) n MUSIC is a new music program will focus on music lesson scholarships for these kids."

Click here for the official event page.