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All My Friends Are Bread Pin

All My Friends Are Bread Pin

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Size: 1.4"
Backings: 2 Rubber Backs + 2 Metal Backs
Enamel: Soft Enamel
Plating: Black Metal

This pin is a subtle nod to carb-lovers and pun aficionados alike, boasting a crisp design that's both eye-catching and endearing.

It isn't just a delightful accessory—it's also designed with practicality in mind. Featuring two backing posts for extra security, it ensures your pin stays put, whether it's adorning your favorite jacket, backpack, or lapel. No more lost pins!

For those eager to punctuate their style with this accessory, we've got you covered with fast shipping. And just in case your pin doesn't quite butter your bread, we offer hassle-free returns.

Imagine this little conversation starter perched on your collar as a subtle wink to fellow bread enthusiasts, or pinned to your tote as a playful icebreaker. It's a simple way to bring a dash of joy to your daily routine without over-kneading the humor.

So, whether you're out to express your fondness for all things bread or just looking to add a unique touch to your wardrobe, this enamel pin is a perfect choice. Go on, wear your bread on your sleeve (or wherever you please)!

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